GOLD TRADES ABOVE $1450 - Golden Opportunities in Guyana


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Mining Companies See
Golden Opportunities in Guyana
The small South American nation is home to some of the most under explored opportunities in the precious metals space, but Guyana gold is no longer a secret.

The country sits on the Guyana Shield, a geographical region that shares continuity with the famed gold districts of West Africa, and yet the country has been historically under explored compared to its counterpart on the other side of the globe. Now, with gold values nearing a six year high as of June 2019, miners in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana have an opportunity to unlock significant value in this highly prospective region.

Guyana gold history and current production
From the earliest days of European exploration of the Americas, Guyana was recognized for its gold mining potential. Voyages by Spanish and English explorers led to accounts that the region that would become Guyana was home to the mythical city of gold, El Dorado. The area was previously a hotbed of alluvial gold production during Guyana’s colonial period.

From the moment the country achieved independence from British rule, the Guyana government has maintained tight control over the country’s natural resources. The country’s mining sector remained off limits to foreign investment and mineral exploration until 2004, when the country was finally opened up to the international mining industry under the Land Tenure Act. Despite the country’s long history of alluvial gold production, Guyana remains largely under explored using modern exploration techniques.

Recently, Guyana’s gold production has been on the rise. In 2016, the total gold declaration in the country increased by 58.1 percent to reach 712,706 ounces. The Guyana government attributes the sharp rise of its mining sector to the contributions of small to medium-sized international mining companies opening operations in the country in recent years. Additionally, the country is home to numerous artisanal operations mining gold from alluvial sources.

Guyana gold deposits
The Guyana Shield covers nearly 1 million square kilometers of surface area on the northern end of South America. The shield was formed during the Proterozoic age, and, before the formation of the Atlantic Ocean, it was contiguous with West Africa’s Leo Mann Shield. Both the Guyana and Leo Mann shields host corridors of low-grade metamorphic rocks that contain significant gold deposits. There are currently two large gold mines active in the Guyana Shield: the Aurora mine, operated by Guyana Goldfields (TSX:GUY), and the Karouni mine, operated by Troy Resources (ASX:TRY). In total, the Guyana Shield is estimated to be home to approximately 110 million ounces of gold.

The Guyana government has been highly supportive of mining operations since opening its doors to international companies in 2004. The country’s Geology and Mines Commission provides well-established rules and regulations for miners. Guyana is politically and socially stable, with a strong rule of law ensuring a safe operating environment for mining investment. The country is home to a population of approximately 770,000 people and has a high standard of living, ensuring that mining companies have access to an educated and qualified workforce.

The Guyana Shield is home to world-class mineral wealth that was previously off limits to modern mining exploration. Now that the doors are open and the Guyana government is welcoming foreign mining investment, the region offers a rare opportunity for early stage exploration and development.

Guyana gold mining attracts juniors and majors alike
One of the companies looking to take advantage of the Guyana opportunity is Guyana Goldstrike (TSXV:GYA, OTC Pink:GYNAF, FWB:1ZT). Guyana Goldstrike holds an 18 year mining license on its 13,500 hectare Marudi gold project in Southwest Guyana. The Marudi gold project has had 42,000 meters of diamond drilling (141 holes) in historic exploration since 1985 by prior operators.

Within the property is a 5 kilometer anomalous magnetic trend at Mazoa Hill that hosts a 43-101 compliant resource estimate and is less than 10 percent drilled. The 43-101 resource contains an indicated 259,100 gold ounces within 4,428,000 tonnes grading 1.8 grams per tonne (g/t) and an inferred 86,200 gold ounces within 1,653,000 tonnes grading 1.6 g/t.

The Marudi gold project has all-season road access and infrastructure in place, with an established camp serviced by employees, service buildings and a full-time camp manager. The property has three known gold-bearing areas: the alluvial areas, the saprolite and the underlying quartzite metachert hard rock.

“With the full support of the Guyanese government and the local communities, Marudi is well positioned to become a premier project for the country and its economy, benefiting its people,” said Guyana Goldstrike CEO Peter Berdusco.

In 2018, Guyana Goldstrike focused its efforts on a discovery target within the 1.75 kilometer Toucan Ridge area, for which trenching has returned values of up to 23.5 g/t gold. Thus far, only 15 percent of Guyana Goldstrike’s property has been explored. The company has already made a second discovery area about 2.3 kilometers northeast of Toucan Ridge. The company plans to drill the Marudi project and is expected to continue exploration efforts in search of additional zones of mineralization.

“The company’s 2018 exploration program greatly advanced our understanding of the controls on gold mineralization on the Marudi gold project and identified priority targets to both expand the known mineral resource and discover new occurrences. With only 15 percent of the 13,500 hectares explored, we truly have only scratched the surface of Marudi’s potential,” said Berdusco.

The growth in Guyana’s mining sector thus far has been due to the contributions of small and medium-sized miners, but the region has now captured the attention of the industry’s titans. In February 2019, the world’s largest gold company, Barrick Gold (TSX:ABX,NYSE:GOLD), acquired a 15 percent stake in Reunion Gold (TSXV:RGD), a company already actively exploring the Guyana Shield. The goal of the partnership is to identify and acquire properties that have the potential to yield discoveries that fit the company’s definition of a tier one mine.

“The (agreement) expands Barrick’s exploration footprint in the Guyana Shield, a significantly underexplored region and one of the most prospective in the world for large scale gold discoveries,” Mark Bristow, president and CEO of Barrick, said in the company’s release.

The Guyana Shield offers significant opportunity for large-scale gold discoveries. With the support of the Guyana government, major companies like Barrick Gold have already begun to target new top-tier discoveries, signaling a new era in Guyana’s mining industry.

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Good article on gold opportunities in Guyana.

Looks like GOLD has broken the $1450 mark for good and it's going to continue upwards.


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U.S. Stocks Plummet as Gold Moves Closer to $1500


At its low the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down well over 900 points trading to a low of 25,523.38. Although it closed off of its lows the Dow lost 767.27 points today, which is a net decline of 2.90%, as it settled at 25,717.74. At the same time gold prices surged to the highest trading point over the last six years with December futures trading to a high of $1481.80. Currently gold futures are at $1476.00 which is a net increase of $18.50, gaining 1.27% on the day.

The tremendous upside swings in gold pricing is directly attributable to the current trade war between the United States and China. The dispute between the two superpowers has hit a new low point in negotiations and has created an extremely strong risk-off market sentiment causing U.S. stocks to plummet resulting in the largest single day decline this year.
The trade war hit a low last week when president Trump announced his intention to initiate a 10% tariff on the remaining $300 billion worth of Chinese imports to the United States effective September 1st. This 10% tariff could go as high as 25% over this next year according to Trump’s recent statements. On Thursday of last week Trump sent out a series of tweets to announce the initiation of additional tariffs. Since that point we have seen tremendous pressure on U.S. equities and a defined, strong rally in gold.

This news occurred in tandem with the Federal Reserve announcement of ¼% rate cut, which by many analysts was considered to be a hawkish cut. More importantly during the press conference by Jerome Powell last week he stated that he didn’t “see the move as the beginning of a lengthy cutting cycle.” That statement caused both gold and U.S. equities to trade lower. However, the statement by Trump had a completely different effect having a negative impact on equities and a bullish impact on gold pricing.
This was the turning point for gold which once again began to act as a safe haven asset in response to equities markets under pressure. Prior to this both gold and equities were running in tandem, with both asset classes gaining ground on the assumption of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts. While it was widely expected that the Fed would announce a rate cut of only ¼%, it was also expected that they would announce more rate cuts during this calendar year.

This week began with a tremendous drop in the Chinese yuan which depreciated close to the record low against the U.S. dollar which had a cascading impact on U.S. equities causing stocks to plummet. This in turn prompted gold prices to rally as market participants favored this safe haven asset as a protective asset class in light of the tremendous selling pressure in stocks.

Source: Gary Wagner - Monday August 05, 201


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With gold trading above $1500 gold stocks are looking attractive as an investment.

It looks like the price could move up on momentum and that would be great for gold stocks.



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Former Senior Vice President of Ivanhoe Mining ltd. Joins Guyana Goldstrike

Guyana Goldstrike Inc. (TSXV: GYA) (OTC:GYNAF) (FSE:1ZT) announced that Mr. Edward Rochette has joined their Board of Directors. Mr. Rochette is best known in the mining industry in his role of Senior Vice President of Ivanhoe Mining ltd. where he spent 25 years negotiating and acquiring various projects in over 35 countries. Mr. Rochette presently consults for Mr. Robert Friedland, founder and Executive Co-Chairman of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., conducting mineral acquisitions in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and China.

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