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I've integrated the glossary into the forum, so that any word listed in the glossary this is posted in a thread automatically converts to a link to a pop-up window with an explanation of that word.

Please let me know what you think. I've set the link colour to remain black, but with an underline - the only problem is that all words listed are currently converted (such as ask, average or stocks - which are common words). More useful for words like IMHO, HTH, EMA or CMC - that some people may not know.)

My thoughts are we should limit the conversion to a limited set of words, to avoid having to many links within posts.

I think it's useful for newbies, but for more regular, experienced traders it might get a little annoying - so I thought of maybe putting an option in your profile to turn on/off this feature. Let me know what you think.


FTSE Beater

Experienced member
Hi Sharky

This IMHO is a very useful feature. :D

Is it possible to have 2 groups of glossary in the system :?: , so that it only links to the group that are uncommon like HTH etc....

Giving people the option to turn it off would be great, but I would say it should be default for new members.

All IVMHO :)


Glad you think so, and it's relatively easy to split the glossary into two - so the more common words aren't linked up. I'll do this tonight - its too good a day to be sitting at a keyboard!



Amazing. Your skills, apparently, know no bounds!

Like FTSE Beater I think it is great for beginners and should be on by default when you first join the board. However, is it possible to put it in our users options to turn the whole lot off when we don't need it.

Whilst we're on the subject, some of the descriptions are very brief. Would it be a good idea to then link the glossary to 'classic' threads or other learning information to give people the option of getting more info. So under the Level 2 glossary description there would be a link to, say, Naz's 'T/A and Level 2' thread as well as information on his L2 training course. Or under 'support' and 'resistance' a link to FTSE Beater's 'The Basics of Trading' thread.


Level 2
ES - mini S&P
Fins - FinSpreads

...are either not in the glossary or don't work properly.





Thanks mmillar. Regarding your points..

1) On/Off Switch - I've now added the ability to switch off the automatic linking of glossary terms in your user options: - By default everyone has it turned on, but please be aware that there is an overhead for checking all the text, which may result in a slightly slower page view, particularly long threads. I'm hoping to relieve this somewhat by being more selective as to which glossary terms are checked.

2) More comprehensive description - I agree completely, at the moment the glossary description are very concise, it would be extremely handy to link through to relevant parts of the site and board threads. I'm going to set about doing over the next few weeks. The aim is to integrate all sections of the site as seamlessly as possible.

3) Missing glossary terms/not linking - There are a great deal of glossary terms I'd like to add - I wonder would it be useful to let members contribute their own glossary terms to the list, it would certainly help me!. I've turned some glossary terms off deliberately, like "ask", "long" and "short" because these words are fairly common, and I wondered whether members found the constant underlining a bit distracting on such terms.

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