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9:30 AM New York Time. The US equity market just opened. Orders start flying through the time and sales window. The first candlestick is forming on the 5 minute chart. You are sitting there, anxious to place a trade, with your finger on the trigger ready to grab that $50,000 position.
In the background, CNBC is on and it just so happens that they are talking about the stock you want to trade. They just mentioned an analyst upgrade, which you think explains the large green candle that just closed. You have your news source open on one of your other monitors, and you glance over to see positive news coming out from the company in pre-market. You notice that the stock is soaring higher, up about 1.5% already today.
As if this wasn’t enough, you remember that your friend who works for a huge investment bank mentioned that this company was being bought by their fund managers, and he suggests that you grab some shares while you still can.
Then you get a message on Skype from...
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Very nice article.

The first few pages made me feel a little sick though - you brought back some memories there that I'd rather not recall. Next time - can you do that bit in just 1 paragraph?

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It made my stomach turn a bit as well when writing it :) Had to step away a few times and come back to it--but I think it's important for everyone out there to know they aren't alone when going through those various stages of trading. Thanks for your comment!


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Hi Tina,

I'm glad you enjoyed the article! Have a great holiday.



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At the end of the day, when you are trading your own account you are the
one responsible for your trading actions, and I for one feel a lot
better when I can say that I am personally responsible for my successes
or failures and not be left blaming someone else.

End quote.

So in the light of this profound wisdom, why on earth should I contact you..?


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We've just published a new T2W article called "Getting Rid of the Noise in Your Trading " by Brendan Egan.

Quick Summary: Brendan Egan walks through a scenario that is often faced by day-traders when encountering "noise" in the markets and advises on how to address this when it is encountered.

PS. Don't forget to rate the article after you've read it and share your comments on this thread.
I like the article. I've started two years ago..and this helps me
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