Getting back into options trading.....


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Hi all, I'm new here.
Right,so after a long time away from the stock market,I'm looking to get back into traded options dealing,in a small way. Can anyone point me in the right direction,for getting a full list of currently available stocks,that are tradeable via options,please ?? Need something that will show me current prices,options expiry dates/cycles etc...
Last time I did this,I just used to get the info from the F.T. check for any news,results,market sentiment on a particular stock and go from there.....I did o.k. too. Obviously though,things have moved on a lot and everything is now online,so I need to bring myself up to date.
Would also need an online charting system,so that I can see what's going on,as up to the minute as possible. I have no intention of getting too technical tho,as my main aim will be day trading.....anything from a couple of hours,to 2 or 3 days,at most. That's what I did before and it seemed to work o.k. .... Any pointers or links to a good charting system would be appreciated..
Any help,links,advice etc would be great....... I'm in the U.K. btw. :)

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