Get in on index fund or just buy/accumulate ETFs?


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Hey everyone, I'm just wondering how I can get better returns on my vangaurd Roth IRA.

I've read that ETFs overall have lower costs than mutual funds (similar to index funds i guess?), and the thing I like about them is they are very easy to trade. They function in the same way that stocks do. I figure its a good idea to just keep buying ETFs until retirement so that I'm getting compound interest and I'm paying zero commission on vangaurd ETFs anyway.

I never like to invest in something until I have a decent understanding of what it is I'm buying, and who exactly I'm handing my money over to. What do you all suggest I do about broad market instruments? Out of the three major indexes (NASDAQ, DOW, S&P), which would investors profit the most off of dumping their money into over the next 30 years?

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