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I predicted it would reach the 1.44-1.45 a few days ago. :clap:
I will be long in this position for the forseeable future. I think the GBPUSD will climb to somewhere around 1.44-1.45 again. The GBP is the only currency that I could see that strengthened today. I think the pound is strengthening because the writing is on the wall about the failed European experiment; henceforth called the FEE by me. They do love their fees and taxes.
I bought it at 1.40890


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It finally went past 1.44. That's is 300+. :clap:


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I think the pair will continue falling towards 1.4150 at least


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I see it up to about 1.46000, but that's definitely longer term. If it opens near where it closed yesterday, you could buy and probably eek out about 40 points, short term. I'm definitely looking to buy if Friday's lows are tested.


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If I should guess and don't have too...

crawl up somewhere above 50; maybe 70?



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Bearish on cable
The 1 hour chart on GBPUSD shows price returning to the middle Bollinger Band after the strong move down on Friday. It has failed to close above the middle band with a very bearish candle closing at 10am UK time. I'm looking to sell if it moves below the low of this candle.