GBP / NZD looks good for a bounce in the 3-5 hr time frame.


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Not trading it, but for me I recon about now (@350) would be a good entry for a long term short.

Edit: To add pics.


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Thermal Ebb

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Don't think the 8326 level has been more persistent than I should take credit for. More likely due to general lack of interest. The comdollars (aussie, kiwi & loonie) probably have a little more interest so far this week than any of the others, though Yen showing occasional glimpses of activity. Other asset classes offering more interest at present.

Mr. Crabs

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If this is a reversal it has been a sluggish set-up. I will be checking up on this all month but it looks to me like I jumped the gun way too early. I was sort of anticipating the GBP finding support on top of the topping NZD, I'll be playing this pair through the quarter to see how right or wrong I am.

Thermal Ebb

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We've got fundamentals in the mix. NZ CB is hinting at intervention (aka currency wars). Sell volatility - not direction.
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