GBP/JPY – Waiting For The Price to Breakout The Symmetrical Triangle Pattern.


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Shock the daylights out of your bosses at 5ers by letting them know that there is a Rogue Wave at 144.763 ..... well before their Resistance zone. If they want layman's proof, have them scroll to the left on the weekly. Its called the Axis - same as the Nazi Alliance. There was only one way to knock out a Tiger Tank -shoot it in the ass, that was its only weakness.

141.508 is also a station. As is obvious she has stopped there to make your symmetrical triangle. THE Gods say that the coiling in the triangle is what generates the thrust. You should also point out to your bosses something they could never dream of ever knowing - that since August 12 low, Brit/Jap has hit all 3 pyramid levels perfectly (Aug 22, Sept. 20, Oct 17)

Just some cotton candy for the fellas to enjoy ........................... :)

Ask your bosses if they have noticed the sheer 90 degree vertical move?


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Show this to your bosses at 5%ers: The entire sequence of posts on GBPJPY from consistent short to the reversal LONG, Its all here. For more info contact the Duke of London right here. HE is the new Sheriff and GBPJPY will thenceforth be in his thread. 3 pages, start from page 3 to get the sequence

Why show all this to your bosses? So they know how high the talent goes so they can shoot higher than they usually do. Me? Not for sale not for employment, I'm a lover not a trader :)

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