FXCE - how about this broker?


It is my first impression that FXCE has an evaluation system that works well. Other brokers also offer many kinds of evaluation but I find they are complicated, hard to understand or even useless.

For FXCE, they make it much easier for you to take advantage and improve your system. I find it clearly what my problems are and then make suitable changes with tracking. It is more than a trading diary, it is a free evaluation tool.

FXCE score aggregates a trader based on the following criteria:
  • Experience: The longer the transaction and higher the stability, the greater the experience.
  • Profit: High profit scores when the profit ratio is stable.
  • Risk management: FXCE evaluates risk management capabilities based on algorithm tracking entering and closing points, SL and TP points.
  • Discipline: Regular and consistent trades will have high disciplinary score.
  • Patience: Patient score evaluates the trader's entering and closing time.
TRUST point is designed by FXCE as a parameter to assess the stability of a trader in the transaction. Investors and FXCE themselves will also observe this point to consider investing to talented traders.


What I mean improving your trading system is here in addition to the above evaluations. You can observe your trading behaviours which are illustrated via charts and adjust your habits. These statistics and charts will help you to enhance your scores by FXCE and further manage and stabilize your profit.

See some of them in the following pic.




To me most brokers settled in TAX paradises are big no-no with one exception which is fxpig.com

FXCE, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street , Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Regulated by Financial Services Authority (FSA) St Vincent & the Grenadines Broker License
with so many regulated brokers and you look at this one? unless you work there I don't see the point, check out real brokers like darwinex.