Fundamental analysis US stock market


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Could you advise some good websites for value investors with fundamental analytics US stock market? Where can be seen charts of sales, revenue, profit, EPS, PE, EV/EBITDA, Debt, Dividends, and others through 5 years history till now, and can be switched quarter/year?


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The best sites are CNBC and Bloomberg, also you can use Yahoo finance. However, all these figures give you only restricted understanding about how company shows it on the marktet. I can cite Buffet here, that analyzes all figures onb his own and don't rely on official calculation. To be a top investor, you don't need EBITDA or EPS. you need to see those figures, that are hidden from hundreds of other investors. It's hard. but you should learn to read reports and calculate numbers, if you want to earn with long run investments. Your goal is not to get obvious, but to get additional info, that let you to choose the right decision first on the market.


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Maybe it will sound a little sublime and too poetic. But it seems to me that for a real trader any news, even the news he has heard on TV or read on the Internet, can already be considered as an element of fundamental analysis. And a lot depends on how well you orientate yourself in the cause and effect relations that exist on the market and are created every day by economic and political events. And here the most important thing is to try to analyze in detail what is going on and learn to use it. It's great that today we have all the opportunities to learn how to do it without losses for capital. You can spend as much time as you want in order to adapt and find something of your own. It's a fact.
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