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I understand where you're coming from. I think you need to look at your risk to reward ratio. With each trade you should have a calculated risk so if things don't go to plan you only lose a small percentage of your account. I usually look at around 1-2% of my account on each trade. It's better to achieve small profits consistently then it is to make big wins and large losses which counteract each other.


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You're already half way there if you are at break even! You're likely right on the precipice of becoming profitable with slight tweaks. Could just be a small adjustment to the risk reward of your trades that makes a difference
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Having an edge is important but it is not the only thing that matters. You have to agree that many traders don’t even know what edge is let alone using it in their trading, but I’ve still seen these people making profits. It’s good to work on making an edge but psychology is also equally important.
The foundation of long term profitability has to be an edge, otherwise I’d like to know how anyone would apply good money management or psychology to turn a profit from a negative expectancy game.

Over a small number of observations anyone can win. At a horse race meeting, I once won big in 4 races out of 6 and fools around me started thinking I was gifted. Luckily I was already bruised by the random outcomes stick by then and knew to enjoy my luck and not think of the title of my new book.

I guess its subjective but for me keeping the mind ticking right is easier with an edge. When i thought I had to constantly partake and chased every shiny object with no proven edge in at least half the trades I was taking, making sound decisions was nearly impossible and very confusing. The stress and the pain was ridiculous.

Or maybe our definition of edge differs. For me, edge means having positive expectancy while entering and exiting based on rules. How I feel and think doesnt come into it.


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I also want to be a full time trader. Can you please help me here. How much time should I give per day? Thank you so much!
Whatever time you devote, give it your all. Stay focused & gain knowledge. However, if i talk about myself i spend atleast 2-3 hours everyday.


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I think more than time, what matters is the sincerity with which you approach forex trading. You can spend 15-18 hours a day and still get nothing out of it. On the other hand, with the right method even part-time traders can earn more than full time traders. To make your time and practice worth it, learn from mistakes and keep working on your loopholes.


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Then its long overdue to change what you are doing, which can be; the asset class you trade, the time-frame, the trading platform, the trading method (discretionary/automated/semi.


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On-and-off for years trading, that kindof sounds like me. I expend so much energy toward trading, it seems. But at some point (at least in the past) I've hit energy exhaustion and just pushed "pause" on trading for months at a time. Then life travels down a different path, and then later it circles back to trading. So I get it. But have you noticed in each trading "cycle" that you are getting better and better?

I started measuring the "better" and this gives me confidence. I can say without a doubt that this is the first year I feel like my trading is the best it has ever been, and I'm also more addicted than ever because this year I think I discovered some clues to consistency. I can see it in the numbers now, and that makes my belief and motivation stronger than ever.


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