FTSE Sub-Sector Data


Hi all

I am looking for sources of data (OHLC) for the FTSE sub-sectors, such as Banks, Oil and Gas, Mining, etc.

Yahoo finance does supply some data, but it only goes back to November 2003! Ditto for Dukascopy.

The usual data vendors are silent on whether or not the data is included in their products.

If anyone knows a a data source, preferably free, it will be much appreciated.




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Sharescope eod supplies good fundamental & price/violume data and basic charting at a very reasonable cost and it is easy to organise this into ftse sub sectors - £12/month
Look at the software guide and reviews
FTSE Sub-Sectors Data


I'm also after some historical data on FTSE Sub-sectors. I tried the link to the IT-Finance site but this no longer works! I'm assuming since the original post was a while ago, this data has now been removed. Wanna Be/Dentist - although the data is out of date, would it be possible for you to send me the data you downloaded at the time?



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ShareScope contains OHLCV data for the FTSE Sector Indices of which I just counted 36. Mining, Banks etc are sectors not sub-sectors. Sorry if that sounds pedantic but in ShareScope you can narrow down the LSE to Industries, Sectors and Sub-sectors.
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Hello All,

Thanks for your comments and advice. I am aware that both ProRealtime and sharescope as well as other software provide FTSE sector/sub sector data. However this data is based on the new sector classifications (codes beginning with NMX) which were only introduced in the late 90s I believe.

I'm looking for data on the orginal FTSE sector classifications which Yahoo still covers and is provided by Reuters and other data vendors to professional clients (investment banks etc). These have codes like FTHG, FTCH, FTOI and they have a much longer history going back to the mid 80s.

This type of data is much useful for some like me who needs a long timeseries to build econometric/statistical models and undertake sector analysis over economic cycles which you have on average every 5 years - hence the need for lots of data!

Does anyone know if any products carry the orginal FTSE Sector data. It does not have to be daily, weekly or even monthly would suffice.



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Hi Lucas,
ShareScope carries the FTSE 350 sector indices (NMX) which start as early as 1999, and it also carries the same sectors but not restricted to the FTSE 350. These carry the same names (e.g. General Financial) but without the "FTSE 350" tag. We carry data for these from as early as 1994. Are these what you are looking for? If so, contact me direct and I'll email you some charts to look at.
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