FTSE Slippage And Fills


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Ftse Slippage And Fills

What number of ftse contracts can one trade before encountering problems? Are there any problems to watch out for,the more contracts are traded?
This will all depend on how many contracts are available to take the other side of your trade at the time you wish to place the trade. I know of people who trade 10 without too much of a problem. On the mini S&P I know of some who trade 32 contracts and have never had a problem getting filled but the FTSE is not as liquid. How many contracts were you considering trading ?

At most five.I read a thread by Greying Surfer about having to place stops further away as more contracts are traded? Sorry Paul,I'm a complete novice at this. I have to get away from spread betting as it conflicts with how I want to trade.
I can see where GS is coming from in that if you had a lot of contracts then to make sure you get filled you may well would need to move your stop further away. I still think that 5 is not too many though but it is probably worth checking a chart of volume and see if there are times in the day when there is more volume and times when there is less. Obviously if there is a pattern to times of higher volume then I would have thought that it would be easier to get filled. When I traded the FTSE I never had a problem getting in or out of trades but I must admit that I didnt go as high as 5.


My experieince is that slippage can easily be 2 points even with a single contract, but averages out at less than 1.

However this isn't the most liquid of contracts so I would expect that you may get increased slippage with 5 or more contracts.

I tend to trade 5lots a time. If im looking at going at mkt then it depends on the size which is on the bid/offer, but most the time I will always use limits and place bids and offers especially if I want a bigger position (10lots). Problems arise when you have stops and can get hit for slippage. From my experience 10 lots is not a big deal but do expect some slippage of a couple of ticks. If you looking for a more liquid mkt with better size than look at the estoxx.