FTSE mini futures


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I have a brochure from Liffe, which I picked up a while ago, which describes this product. It's £2 per point.

What happened to it - can't find it on Liffe's site ?
Was it withdrawn ?
Hi Morris

I'm not sure.
May I ask why you want to trade it. I've heard that the liquidity is terrible :(
Don't want to trade it, just curious to know where it's gone. I've e-mailed Liffe anyway.
Think the brochure is about 18 months old.
All died a death Mo.
No volume/liquidity.
I thought it was a good idea, because it brought the entry level down, to give more people a chance at it.

The brokers didn't like it and last year Mann would only allow you to trade a minimum of 2 contracts. Which kind of defeated the whole idea of it.

Just another example of no foresight by the people who really run the show.

Yes Mo, I have the mini dow runing in the afternoon through IB and Sierra. Spread can be as tight as 1. (Beat that cmc)
and as wide as 10+ inside of 10 seconds. So it can be a little jerky at times. Must admit I prefer something a little smoother, but on the whole, not bad.

All the best.