FTSE 100 Historical tick data

carlos b

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i am trying to find reliable historical tick data for the FTSE 100 index (going back as far as possible) for backtesting some new strategies i'm looking at.
I would like to import the data into excel so that i can play around with it. Failing that then flexible bactesting s/w would do.

I am using SB companies at the mo and do not have trading platforms.

With this in mind, could somebody possibly point me in the right direction for

a: the best free data and s/w or excel import s/w ? (I hear Yahoo is a bit dodgy and have also seen livechart free stuff appears out of sync with other chart data i've compared with)

b: the best data money can buy and the best s/w or excel imprt s/w money can buy.

c: the best budget combination

many thanks in advance

p.s if anybody has such data available then i would be very very grateful if i could "loan" it for analysis..;)



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DId anyone find any data for this?

Many data suppliers have data for the FTSE 100 futures, but not the index itself.
Also, I'm looking for intraday data - e.g. on a 5 min interval.

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