scam or just unethical LEGAL OPTIONS?


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I need A keen legal opinion.

I am new here so please forgive me if this is not allowed. Heck delete it if it is not Thread worthy or if members here have stock in the scam website

I will admit right now that I only SKIMMED the Terms of Service.

I was under the impression that emails were legally enforceable as contracts.
I asked to help me get paid.
They sent me EMAIL BOILERPLATE.... i got mad, i made a wordpress.

I wont clog up your bandwidth here with the email exchange I am having with them that is both infuriating and humorous at the same time!

Infuriatingly humorous, like trusting that a girl is on the pill, or she trusting that I do not have THE HERP....

Anyway, I am sorry about this in advance if it is Against the TOS

I hope that not reading the TOS is not a violation of the TOS

Thank you for any and all helpful ideas. I hate mentally committing my brainpower and time to a project and then getting stonewalled!

Just a word to the wise about the negative experience I had with that website.

anyone with a search function on their computer can put the word huge scam and freelancerdotcom into it and hopefully find my site...

^^^was that the violation there?^^^^^ sorry! my bad! I will take this post and the website down as soon as the issue is resolved, i just figured that this was my only recourse saying it loudly and often....

the email exchange is on there and it showcases my high lather writing style and is very therapeutic to me so at least I am already moving on!!!!
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