Free real time prices


Does anyone know any web site that offer free real time intra-day prices for US stocks.?

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Hi dsmodi

Thanks for the link, but how do you register with a UK address.?They only accept addresses in US, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Do you live in the States or is there some way around this.?

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I have registered, and just used a fictitious address. Works fine!
Thanks PitBull.. I'm signed up and viewing.

What would I do without T2W..!

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Hi snip,

can't remember precisely what I did - but I also think I got THEM to THINK I lived that side of the pond.... :0) :)
I tried witha fictitious address and was told I will be given authorisation by e mail which has failed to arrive as yet. Any more help for some sort of address. Thanks

You have to complete all pages of the registration. The first one is the ususal one requiring name, address, etc. The next three require signatures for the different markets they will provide. Just type your name in the signature boxes.

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as i remember it you have to use a valid address and zip code

i think i used the address i found on there web site lol