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A little help please u wonderful people!

Its my own fault because i didnt pay much attention during A-Level maths

But could anyone tell me if there are any formulas for working out how much money i will have if i have a set compounded interest rate over a certain period of time?

E.G I start with £1000 and interest compounds at 10% how much will I have in 10 years time

If someone could help me by letting me know how i find that and how i work backwards as well, would be much appreciated!

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eek This brings back memories :eek:

The formula to work it out going forwards is
Amount of money x ((1+(% rate^years))

Well you did ask ;)

So in your example it's

1000 x (1.1^10) = 2593.74

To go backwards from 2593.74 to 1000 would be

Amount ÷ ((1+ % rate)^years)


2593.74 ÷ (1.1^10) = 1000

Has that totally confused you?
If so I'll explain it again :)



Well done. Sometimes you just want a rough idea - say how many days to double my SB account. Divide the rate into 70 so 1000 (or any amount) at 10% compound takes 7 years to double.



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Yes thank u!

I knew it were something simple really! LOL

Thanks for ur help-much appreciated!


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Enter compound interest calcualtor in GOOGLE....
It's amazing how little time it takes to make a fortune at just 2 or 3 % per week. Consistency is the key. +20 one week and - 19 the next is no good......
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