former Refco analysts - new firm?


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Matthew Cheung and colleague, the analysts who left Refco Trading Services the other month to setup their own independant analyst service - anyone have their contact details or know where they are at with their plans?

I saw on bloomberg that they had already set a firm up called Realtime News & Analysis or similar and were offering their services already.

PM me if you have their details please


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Realtime Analysis & News

My name is Matthew Cheung.

Ranvir Singh and I were the former global market analysts at Refco Trading Services in London.

Last month we left RTS to set up our own independent squawk service which is called Realtime Analysis & News (R.A.N). Just to quash any rumours: we are based at STA/Schneiders offices, but we do not work for STA. We are an independent service.

We will cover bond, interest rate, index, and commodity futures markets from 0650 – 2115 GMT providing full European and US market flow delivered via either the internet or dedicated fixed line / dealer board.

For anymore information please see


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How much do you guys charge ? is a trial available?