Footprint charts and Zen-Fire


OK so I just started a trial for a footprint chart through Fin-Alg on Ninjatrader (Zen-Fire feed). Does anyone have any experience with the reliability of Zen-Fire's tick data? I mean I know they're a fast feed execution etc. but how is their tick data? Maybe I'm just too new at footprint charts but at the end of an uptrend as the Market (ES) is reversing the Cum. Delta continues to increase as the Market steadily declines. This seems odd to me.
I'll start by answering my own question. I signed up for a 7 day trial to DTN.IQ. I took several days worth of screenshots of the footprint chart from Zen-Fire. After a lot of headache deleting Zen-Fire data out of my database and with a new feed from IQ plugged in I compared the screenshots with the charts from IQ and found...