First Trading Journal

May 31, 2011
Hello all,

Have recently just opened my first live account after 3 months paper trading. Have already been trading for 5 days, but felt like this was a wise idea, and a good place to get critique's on my trading style. I trade CFD's on commodities, mainly Gold, Crude, and Brent.

Am not going to go into specifics but system is based on

- Taking advantage of volatility in commodities that are consistently trending between a price range.
- MACD signal crossovers/divergence from price.
- Bollinger band breakouts on 30 minute charts.
- RSI overbought/oversold for longer term trades (2 days)
- Using S/R levels to help identify the breakout of new price ranges.

Will post my P/L so far, and later this evening (once I have correlated all my trade history), will post individual trade data.

Thanks for reading,