Finspreads Rolling Cash Bets


Wed 19th Buy ABC at 356 at £100 per point 4.30pm bet closed at 360
Thurs 20th 8.00am Bet rollovered reopened at 360,at 808am ABC now up to 364 decide to sell at 362 for a profit of £600.
what happens get message wrong contract seems im trying to sell yesterdays contract
look at dates seems all the rolling bets are still dated with yesterdays date
8.12am ABC has dropped to 360 try to sell at 358 for a £200 profit get the same message again
8.15am ABC is now at 357 still dated with yesterdays date decide to sell at 355
pull the trigger hey presto Deal accepted you lose £100
surely if Fins has reopened the bet for me at 800am then surely i should be able to close it when i want not when it suits them?
is this dirty tricks or am i missing something?
Thanks all
why not phone them up and ask?

my understanding is that FinSpreads accept that their internet service is a pile of pants, and if you phone them up and say I wanted to trade 'here' but your website wouldn't let me, they will honour that trade.
My experience with finspreads has always been quite good. On a number of occasions, my internet stop has not been traded whilst I have been asleep ( a different time zone here guys;-) ! When I have called they have always honoured the trade at the original price.

One time they even called me because the pricing was so poor via the internet and asked if I wanted to keep the trade open from a better price or cancel it altogether. I cancelled because it was so poor - LOL.

We are starved for choice here in Oz. Either IG (SB) or D4F (CFD only).

Accept mmillar suggestion and give them a call. Hope your experience is as pleasant as mine.