Fins - lost the plot?


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I think they must have. Having had problems galore over the past two weeks, they are now missing the Dow cash, S + P daily and Nas daily off their Popular Markets screen. :devilish:

I sometimes like a little dabble on the S + P and/or Nas, but rely on other markets to try and point me in the right direction. No chance with half of them missing. :(

Oh well - makes a change from D4F!! :cheesy:
Oh thank goodness it's not just me.

Their new trading platform is appaling.

I just made a down trade on SP fut and put in a stop. It went in the right directon so I moved the stop down. The market reversed above the stop and should have taken it out but I still had a live trade.

I waited a bit and the price dropped again so I thought I'd close it manually for BE. Lo and behold the orignal stop has now been filled and I'm left with an up trade I didn't want!

I like to print out all my trades. The facility doesn't work! Takes me to a dead link.

If I try to go from the open positions screen directly to my porfolio it doesn't take me there.

Apart from that it's OK!!!!!

Excuse me sounding off but I really will have to change companies.


3:25 Res @ 9850?
Loks like they've gone back to their old trading platform!

Too many complaints I suppose?
Ah ha! So it was Fins that was slow was it.

You finished that woolly scarf yet? :)