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As a trader, one of the key things that I try to consciously do is to cultivate my instincts by talking with other traders and investors as often as possible. It still amazes me how large the divergence of opinion that exists regarding what people believe will unfold as we enter the new millennium. Many very respected names are literally predicting an economic earthquake that will measure a 10 on the Richter scale while others having looked at the exact same research claim that the consequences will be very mild. As a trader I have to evaluate the data and develop a strategy that I feel not only gives me an edge but allows for a great deal of error while still being low risk!
In his book, "Business Without Economists" author William J. Hudson submits a theory worthy of every traders consideration. (Particularly now with Y2K just around the corner) He states:
1) The demand for answers will always be greater than the supply.
2) Therefore, the price for answers will be high.
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Test discussion
Ah I get it now, it's a test, you had me fooled, that's why the article is from 1999...which can be the only explanation as to why the author mentions YK2 and the turn of the millenium...:LOL:
Still 5hite all the same, I gave it one out of ten.
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