Feliz Ano Neuvo ( Happy New Year )


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Lets hope we can all make some mucho pesetas this year.

Got in at midnight last night and cant say I like this weather too much and its not the only climate thats cold dull and overcast.

Haven't had much time to study yet so you'll have to 'bear' with me.

Did some soul searching while away re trading strategy and probably looking to trade maximum 6 stocks short term.
As I had said before Christmas my research had left me totally fundamentalled out, it is easy to get lost in a Watchlist of 75, when it comes to trading the problem of choice is horrendous. I will continue to study but my primary aim will be to accumulate mucho pesetas.

My fundamentals library is now bursting but if I can be of any help please ask.

I spent a bit of time looking at P/E ratios and from my Watchlist of last year there were one or two which stood out as being harshly treated.
Plasmon (PLM)- 8.6
Parity (PTY)-17.7
Pressac (PRSC)-8.1
Keep an eye on these.
Also Whatman (WHM) looks interesting,
FI Group (FI) and Torex (TOX) are worthy of note for good earnings growth potential.

Although I have'nt had much time to read all threads, well done TraderX many of the Profit Warners were severely treated at the hands of MM's. Don't let any criticism stop you from sharing your well researched thoughts.

Good Luck to all 'Sharks' in 2001


Hi Cookie,

Welcome back...and nice to see you here with us again..in the mean time the market has just been like your monkey..up and down..only not 1/1 as the monkey, but 1/3 or 4.. :)

Good luck in making some mucho pesetas...



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Welcome back Cookie...........Methinks your wise in trading half a dozen stocks rather than the huge portfolio you normally manage.

Chosen wisely....small profits compounded make for mucho ££££££££££££££........worth more than your pesetas.........so converted you should have even more pesetas.

Get in at the right time..............take your profits...........and get the hell out of there.

Happy New Year to you and may your trades be successful.

Welcome backCookie - sounds like you had better weather than I had in Switzerland!!

However, like you, I did quite a lot of thought on trading strategies - and reached a similar conclusion ie dealing in a small portfolio, with sector rotation, for short periods...well, thats the theory. Lke you, still catching up on the markets - taking a lot longer than I thought!!

Lets hope we all make lots of francs, pasetas or whatever you want this year

Welcome back Cookie, missed your wit and good posts. Hope you had a good holiday, compliments of the season.

In my view fundamentals are more important than ever. If Fs are right then the secret is to use TA for market timing. Two together is a potent mix.

I think you are right about trying to monitor too many shares = INFORMATION OVERLOAD = CONFUSION = NO PESETAS

Welcome back, and I subscribe, not possible to monitor too many shares, unless you do this for a living.
Feliz Ano Nuevo

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