Fear of missing out


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The forex market is like boxing, if you train well and are good you can earn a lot of money and have free time. But if you go there without training you will be very bad, places to invest there are many, and while they are regulated you will not have fraud problems, however even if you have the best broker in the world if you do not know how to analyze markets, you will hardly avoid losing your money.
seriously ? .......no elite professional at the pinnacle of their sport/business has free time ....believe me !


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Yes, for sure I am really missing the good old days when you really can buy them even for dollar or less but everywhere it was screaming that it's sort of a scam and so on and on and on. So please be sure to keep use them in that goals for your own rich accounts:) I would love to have few BTC right now which I can sell any moment for gigantic price each in comparison to what it was. Some people are simply continue telling it's a scam but while it lasts I think it's more than good to contuinue anyway no matter what;)


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Fear of missing out just means you don't have enough years under your belt yet. I would have a hard time enumerating all the trades I have missed out on in my life now. Who cares though, there will be more than enough trades to take now and in the future.


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It is important to understant that it is absolutely impossible to use all great opportunities offered by the market since they are countless. That is why it would be better to focus on performing in a best way in those trades you ate making. Our perception acts in a strange way - we remember all missed opportunities but forget those that were intermediate or even losing. This is our nature, and there is no way to deal with this. At the same time, such missed trades should make trader to think about the reasons. Ask yourself: "Why I had missed that trade? What shall I do to aoid this in futures?" Answers on these questions will help you to improve your trading substantially. Another useful thing you can do is to study carefully all missed situation and move through the chart candle by candle. Imagine how would you act in this situation using your strategy. Despite you cannot earn that money, you can use that situation to get new experience and improve your trading performance.


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There's no need to miss out any more crypto has established itself with stable coins like tether plus leverage offered on the trading platforms the mkt has established itself as a proper place to trade...the volatility is epic and it trades 7 days a week 24 hrs cant beat that
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