Fear of missing out


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$7300 Jesus, I bet everyone suffering from fear of missing out are now struggling to sleep[emoji38]
Probably need a subscription and a pack of nappies whenever they check the price which will be every 5 minutes

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Just took a position in BTC .


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More BS from the weak hand

:sleep: :sleep:

How to trade counter_violent style

1) Make a live call and post proof of your position
2) Close the position in secret as soon as it is in profit, however small
3) Wait to see what the market does
4) If it goes in intended direction, gloat about how clever you are and refer to your original post as proof
5) If market goes against you, tell everyone you closed in profit and only send proof by PM :rolleyes:

And everywhere that counter_violent went his clueless sidekick who doesn't know SHΙT was sure to go...:LOL:


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Don’t tell me you’re short those as well tar!


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No fear of missing out here.
Glad I was never in...........
Only feel a little bit sorry for the mugs who got caught with trousers down.


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This is how I view Bitcoin at the moment: pullback in a strong downtrend . . .



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Yes, there are those who bought it for a high price, and now they're experiencing a price correction as well as the rest of the cryptocurrency market. And now these people are of course nervous and thing it's all just a scam.
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