Favourite Finance/Investing/Trading Blogs


I'm currently doing a bit of research for a new weekly 'what we're reading online' update, to collect together the best new blog/news content from around the web related to finance, investing and trading.

There are already some excellent resources on the passive side of investing (I'm thinking Monevator, which I'm a huge fan), but not to my knowledge anything with a more active bias.

So if you have any favourite blogs/news sites then I'd much appreciate if you can share a link to them below, and perhaps mention what you like about them.


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A couple for me Sharky, longer timeframes (investing) however, and all around the concept of asset allocation
both of these have an element of freemium type subscriptions, not that i subscribe to both
investing for a living is one guy who came up with various quant related ideas. quite interesting but geared to the US. Allocate smartly is my favourite. shows how simple strategies can beat the market consistently. again they are all US ETFs. however these same ideas have allowed me to transfer the same concept to UK ETFs or mutual funds. primarily momentum type strategies which i now employ consistently

and this one, alot of these are then provided to allocate smartly, more of a blog rather than freemium

also sometimes this site if i want to try out a new idea which requires no coding, but quite noddy for allocation strategies

hope this helps
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Thanks 1nvest for sharing, these were just the type of resources I wanted to hear from members about. I'm familiar with Allocate Smartly and Portfolio Visualizer both excellent resources for passive investing. I would add Portfolio Charts (https://portfoliocharts.com) to those two, as a really helpful resource for asset allocation (their Golden Butterfly adaption of the classic Permanent Portfolio is worth a look!)

The other two you mention were not on my radar, so look forward to checking out. Cheers!
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