Explain in 3 mins why you Day-Trade


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Hi all...

Its been 2 very long months since I have been here (in case you didnt know I decided to do an MBA at Cranfield rather than look for a day job).

On the course I have to do a 5 min presentation, using any aids with the exception of a PC, on my favorite hobby (makes you think back to school of writing essays titled "What I did during my holiday ??"

Its a communication course so it has to grab the attention of the audience. I have to sell day trading.

How would you approach this ??

How would you sell day-trading to others ??


Hi Pervaz

Each day is a new day. Everything you start you finish in one day! No deadlines hanging over your head. No worrying about what tomorrow will bring. A fresh start every day. No commitment to the long term. Whether you have a good day or a bad day you always finish with a clean sheet.

Control. You control absolutely what you do in a trading day and when you do it.

Every day will have its moments of excitement, drama, boredom, disappointment and reward.

Its a test of yourself and your strength of character against an unforgiving unemotional opponent. The major factor which determines whether you win or lose is yourself.

Thats how I would sell it. All bull***t of course :)

Ok my reasons.

1) Independence.
2) No boss :)
3) Immediate feedback on how well you are doing.
4) Self discovery
5) A challenge
6) Fun
7) Control
as Helen Plus
a challenge
every day is different.

NO routine, no repetition, no drudgery.
Get it right and you can make more in 4 days than 90% of the population in a month.
all that + get it wrong and you could lose more in 5 minutes than the average person makes in a month!
How would you sell day-trading to others ??
Simple....sell it in the same way that everyone else sells their products, with pictures of Cars and attractive women, and say this could all be yours - That would get me interested :D

I'm sure its a long way form the truth - but then that's advertising :)

Good luck with your presentation
Don't knock it FB. That is exactly how trading was sold in the 80's in the city.