Eurex Down ?


Tenfore message.

"CEF Eurex data are currently not updating, the exchange is working on it.
Trading has been suspended."

Technology eh!
Looks like the cash index - decimal place on price.

The MATIF used to do a competing Eurostoxx50, don't have their data anymore though.

Dax trades on the floor during the day (cash stocks not index futures), so if DTB platform down, that is prolly where German quotes are coming from.

You're right of course, I just realised :eek:

No one should ever listen to anything I say before my first cup of coffee!

me also

Cycling in this morning to the office was grrrrrr enough to compensate for a pot of coffee.
What a waste, could be in bed still.

Eurex doesn't go down like this often though, touch wood