ESMA & Trading Outside of the EU


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Dowsp, I don't have time to get into your reply, don't make me nit pick your words, you'll lose mate.... BUT F@CK YEA it matters what time you "trade" as a retail SB...... do after market at your peril.....!

I'm not going to turn this into the usual my b@lls are bigger than yours, but trust me my friend, day trading the markets is best done within hours, your reply is slightly worrying that you don't know this simple Simon fact !

I'm not sure I'm talking to someone who knows whats what..... so I'll leave it there & ask you again...... are you making a consistent GOOD living from options trading ??

A yes or no, without flannel will suffice mate !

Ps Dowsp...... trade the Dax 24 hours !!!!!! are you fkg kidding me ??

I'l give you another chance to respond like a "boots on the ground seen it done it".....otherwise don't waste my time !