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hi fellow traders

I am currently looking to develop an 'end of day' (eod) trading strategy for trading put and call options on us stocks. The sytem will basically filter potential stocks using some sound Fundamental analysis (FA) and then look for the trade trigger using some good Technical Analysis (TA.) As far as the TA is concerned, I have been playing around using a simple moving average and price crossover system, only traded when confirmed by MACD and slow stochastics.

Does anyone have any advice reagrding what the optimum/most effective/profitable settings would be for the SMA, MACD and the Slow stochastics?

Also any input into the FA would also be greatly received. I will gladly pm or email contributers with my other thoughts and the system as a whole when I have experimented with any advice/ settings for the indicators as mentioed.

thank you.



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If I ever feel the need to use indicators I would always suggest the default values such as MACD(12,26,9) etc only as a window on crowd behaviour and not really to base trades on.

With any indicator your gonna suffer the problem of when will they work and when will they wip so sticking with one setting and getting used to its foebles is probably your best bet.

If your trying to automate a system then quiet often they are a necessary evil just be careful to be sure they all bring something different to the table(I know someone who tried a MACD and filtered it with a 12period EMA not really helping)

or eyeball the default settings in http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/

PS: I wouldn't have thought you'd need to trade anything other than FX with the performance i observed whilst lurking in the FX chat room. ...still I'm guessing your running out of ways to trade your vast quantities of wedge ;)



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Hi bbmac

I attended a course on investing ...with Investor Advantage, who has the type of software that u r trying to build. may be you would like to check it out:

I would be most interested in seeing your finished products, please email [email protected]

Also, if any investor attended the "Investor Advantage" course, please let me know, as I have lost touch with every one.
many tks
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