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My statement for yesterday (also covers Tuesday , Wed and Thus. By coincidence although it only shows the last4 days ( that first entry is always 0 ), I didn't trade on Monday due to various reasons including getting a Covid19 jab.


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My Monthly statement
And yes, I had my best week last week and I was a little down on the account before then - so what?
That is a +79% week in a moderate sized real-money account !


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The most complete trading education I have found teaches how the markets work, how the different types of Institutional traders actually trade (all the way from long only pension funds through Prop Firms to Market Makers), and how we retail traders can use this knowledge of their methods to our advantage be we scalpers or weekly swing traders or anything in between.

He stared trading for UK banks in the 1980's and has been a Quant/Strategist, a trader and an Institutional Trading trainer for various institutions ever since.
He started teaching retail traders in April 2014, but hates marketing webinars - so has taught very few full courses.
His name is Ray and his can be found through CompassFX - even though he concentrates on Futures more than Spot FX, Stocks or Options (he does cover them all to a certain extent).

He is starting his first full course for nearly 2yrs on Monday. Here is a video on one of his 'focus sessions' for his subscribers which CompassFX have released for public view. They say it is only for 'hard-working traders' because Ray is definitely not the 'easy button'.

Note that the chart he shows may be confusing since he is displaying lines which are the inverse of the ES, YM and NQ because he was using that chart for his training of interns (at the Bank he works for) earlier in the day.

Out of all he has taught, I mainly trade news events in the ways he teaches (pre-news, at the news and post-news). These include elections, speeches by Central Bankers as well as economic news releases. These suit my needs for action at a pre-determined time (so I don't get bored waiting around for a trade).
Hi Ian,
I agree, Ray is top-notch educator that I know. His knowledge of financial market is inexhaustible. One and half year since I started watching his sessions, I learnt a lot thanks to him. Two facts specifically that I was not aware of before which I personally consider as being the most important.
  1. Price is nothing, value is everything
  2. Markets are highly interwoven
Only these 2 things completely changed my view of financial markets.
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I have joined Ray's class last November... what he teaches is absolutely out of this (retail) world. I dare to say it is impossible to aquire this knowledge unless you are working at a trading desk for a bank, hedge fund or prop firm. And from what I hear, there are prop firms and then there are prop firms, apparently some don't teach at all.

Anyway, I love the classes , yet at the same time I feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of content...also I am still far away from profitability. It still isn't easy...
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