dumb guide to trading psychology lulz

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Lastly, Please AVOID the Psycho-books. They who can do. Failed traders and those who can not, write books, the worst of which are of the Psycho-variety. There are of course a number of books that are real good but the psycho-variety are not in this category. Re-engineering is NOT required if the engineering was done right in the first place. So, if your system is right, it will make money for you. If your system is wrong, no amount of psycho-stuff will work.
Wish you all Pips and Profits !
A forum genius advising others

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Traders are disciplined with our ancestral brain which is still the monkey brain.

TRADER's minds don't do monkey business on live accounts


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Trading doesn't involve psychology. Why would I hide it ? Trading is about economics and merchant business.

The reason I am in this thread is because I am curious why you are peddling psychology, something that will cause people to lose money.
another nice quote

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Cheers for the plug Fug but I no think I smart, just another idgiot in ze market ;)(y)

Anyways, I reckon this thread has gotten a bit off topic, so heres mine :D :-

5) using size with tight stops

12) waiting for confirmation

13) thinking that you know something

14) thinking that your a star

15) trading scared

16) trading with money you cant afford to loose

23) thinking that you know something (see 13)

24) acting on that thought^ again and again and again

32) not pulling the trigger

34) using risk blinkers

35) using comon sense blinkers

36) using reality blinkers

40) labelling yourself a scalper but still paying spread

41) using key time zones

42) not knowing yourself

44) thinking your way is the only way

50) focusing on 99 ways to blow an acc

51) trading full retarde but still thinking your a champ

55) putting the technical side before the psych side

58) taking it too seriously

59) not finding time to have a laugh

62) approaching trading as a battle

63) not aiming at prices in your favour

64) spending too much time on zulu

69) then posting that EVERYTHING IS KNOWN IN ADVANCE :smart: and expect no lulz :LOL:

70) trading the news after the announcement

72) believing youre a loser

73) thinking that you can never win

74) thinking 'they' are out to get you

77) cherry picking trades

80) using bows

81) and arrows ^

83) following some muppet on a forum cos he tells you he has the knowledge of the 1%

84) doubling up on said muppets calls ^

85) then not taking profits but get out at break even :LOL:

89) trading the money rather than the market

90) personalising your losses

91) being unaware of your lack of emotional intelligence

92) being unaware of you ignorance :whistle:cheesy:

95) not having some understanding of what money is

96) putting 'being right' before being 'profitable'

98) failing to be as water

99) and last but by no means least
I could not resist this one.

foroom lluzers

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Please explain this rationale :)

Now we don't want to scare new traders from getting into this industry , best to hide this information from noobs , it is not in the interests of those who make money from trader or new victims.

Psychology psychology psychology

The rational is explained in the best threads in psychology section , the 15 psychology threads I opened and by top psychologists .It would take me 3 months to explain this rationale.
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