Draw Lines on Stock Charts?


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Hi all!
I'm a 15 year old guy from Canada and I am new to stock trading. I've only had good vibes from the forum so far! Anyways I'm wondering if anyone know of a good website to access stock charts and be able to draw lines on them as well? I want to trade using the support/resistance method but I want to be able to draw lines on it. Also as I said I'm 15, so I don't have a lot of money to blow on charts lol, if I can't find somewhere to draw lines I'll just hold up a ruler to my computer screen.
Thanks everyone,


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. . . if I can't find somewhere to draw lines I'll just hold up a ruler to my computer screen.
Hi Jo,
Welcome to T2W.
I like your lateral thinking - you'll go far!

If you want Canadian stocks specifically, and you want intra day timeframes - I'm not sure how to help you. However, if you're after U.S. stocks and are happy with end of day (which is recommended for someone starting out), then these sites all offer some free charting.
Good luck and feel free to post your charts and analysis if you'd like some feedback or any more help.


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Thank you everyone,
I realized the problem was I was on my phone, when I went to stockcharts.com on my computer it had an option to click (annotate), which I realized was the right button. Thanks everyone for the help, and timsk - thanks for the encouragement, my mom doesn't want me to start trading stocks... She's getting my hopes down (n)

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