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How the Scottish impacted the world… besides war hero’s, architects and engineers, amazing poets and well as we know Shakespeare made Macbeth a infamous king. They invented the television and the telephone. The nation’s finances had been so bad in 1694 Scotland co founded the Bank of England. They even invented the first waterproof fabric, and rubber wheel.
Now they have helped make the USD strong as people still afraid to invest in the EUR, GBP, even the JPY is at a low, with the vote a big No people may start having faith in those currencies again. The USD is also staying strong because of other volume factors. What I mean by this is that when the US stock market is up and the USD is strong people want to invest and traders feel safe for another day or week sometimes even minutes of safety are everything to a traders calls. But is the US stock market up? To most newbie’s they would say yes. This is when volume comes into play, the S&P is up but that has only 500 stocks, the DOW 30 and NASDAQ 100 so when you think of all the US stocks and see all of them in green then you look at the nations debt, and other attributing negative factors. Make sure your looking at stocks that are like RUSSELL 2000 not just the few that volume moves.Watch out for those reverse signals with the USD,Gold may be on the rise but for now still holding short at 1309.88 current price 1216.00 a gain of 7.1%
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