Does Anyone make money on indices?

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response to John B

I sent John B a PM expressing my concern at the claims he made. I did so because I felt that he did the right thing to try to offer education so beginners avoid the worst pitfall. Someone like Steve Nison who has written some stellar books on candlestick charting does not proclaim that his readers will make money from mastering candlesticks. I felt it was a shame that JB fell into the trap of feeling it was necessary to make promises to attract customers.

I suppose I was wrong, in as much that many will want to be lured and promised. Lesson learnt. Topic closed for me.

Sunseeker :|


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Steve dose not even say that candles will make you money on his courses, it just one other tool in the traders box.

I don't want to add any more, enough has been said already :confused:

Cheers a320


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When I registered on here I received a free T2W stab proof vest which im wearing at the moment, may I suggest you wear yours too ! :LOL:



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Re Vest

No I didn't get one :cry: However I feel that my time to continue the couple of threads has come to an end. its the 1st August - and thats it - No more - thanks for those who seen some of the points I made. I have so much else to do that is important and more rewarding. Good luck to you all - "Trade 2 trade well & protect your capital" - its that simple - JB. And I have just opened a position in --- Ahhh No......... :cheesy:
OK, I'll close it. If anyone disagrees, please PM me.
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