deleted posts from How To Make Money Trading The Markets thread

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good sentiments thevinman :)

since mr.charts has no desire to engage with the request from the expert all postings on the matter since his post have been cleaned up, now let that be the end of that discussion issue please.

the expert
i would suggest that if you wish to do so you are most welcome to start your own thread.
I am amazed to see that "certain" posts have been deleted from this thread. Is this common practice on trade2win?

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mr expert, since your post requesting certain info from mr.charts there have been six post deletions by moderators five after mr.charts post 902 and one before. added to this there are three postings by members that they have deleted themselves.

as you are new here i'd better explain that there are site guidelines. these guidelines are used by the moderators to keep threads on topic and as best we can free from disruptions, so yes, in answer to your question, there will be from time to time posts removed in the interests of keeping topics on track.

in the instance of this thread, it was decided that a line had to be drawn somewhere on that particular avenue of discussion, post 902 was that line, sorry that one of your postings got caught in the post removals. please don't take it personally :)
Not open for further replies.
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