Deciphering the e-mini price action


I would like to maximize my "understanding" of the market price action before building certain strategies.
Anyone aware of a book, a thread, or any info source that would talk about and explain (preferably with real market examples) the likely players in a particular price action in the recent years futures (or equities) market?
E.g. Breakout from Day high jumps due to retail investors, vs pull back from spikes - by algos. Channel breakouts - what causes that, other market (e.g. oil) extremes derailing beautiful patterns of SP500, Last 10 minute of the trading day - huge pumps or dumps - investment bank brokers (e.g. JP Morgan) buying up the number of shares they planned for the day, etc.

I hope my question is not too Naive, I am even open to a mentor (a legit one, aside from many jokes I will get on this) paid hourly - if such available.
Theres no real way to tell who exactly is buying and selling what. Its ussually presumed as to who the big and small players are that are hitting the bid and offer.

The easiest way to decipher who is doing what, is by the size of the order and that comes from being able to read the tape.

You'll often see failures of common patterns as institutions and algos hunt different stops placed by retail traders.
This is exactly what I was looking for. Any videos courses or anything that go over real life example what is happening on the market?
Reading tape and depth of market are not things im especially knowledgeable in but I think SMB capital and a guy called Sanglucci are pretty prolific for it.