Deal4Free just took £800 out of my account and won't answer the phone?!!


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Yes, I have to admit the lack of apology or anything was a bit annoying. I guess this is not the most morally correct way of making a living, and so everybody agrees to be terse, but that's not really the point when you are a customer and they take hundreds out your account with no notification and no sorry!!!

I was polite the first time, and nothing happened. Then I went into w.anker mode, doing my best to sound like the stereotypical Old Etonian, told them I'd be notifying the FSA, and that moved their asses.

Thanks for all the replies by the way.



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I can't believe the scope of the problems tbh. If I was a newcomer to the board I would assume D4F was some kind of cowboy outfit. cray when youu consider the amount of money they probably deal with.

CKB I heard you were a reformed character?


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Know how it feels. I came home to find 4 margins calls from D4F and some #9000 missing. They said it was a software problem but the money was there somewhere. But I said you sent out margin calls so the money must have gone missing. I threatened them with the Theft Act and expected some form of response. Being an internet site the minimum they could have done is to send out an e mail to say the margin calls were actually in error or to put a banner on the login procedure to say they have software problems with the accounting, just to stop the potential heart attacks.

The anticipated apology came today - not a sorry but why did you take so long answering the margin call! Usually a good site but unbelievable here. Deserves a column in the newspapers. :(


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I think it's downright criminal , anyone who stills trades with them are suckers . forget the FSA , they are in cahoots with all the SBs.

sidenote :

why don't the mods just put up a list of banned words , so we don't have to go through this ridiculous game of re - editing our own words . nobody likes their own words taken out of context - surely you understand this .
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They said yesterday that the problems were behind them. It's happening all over again today!

Traded quite happily this morning but this afternoon I knew I was flat but MM was showing I was short on the DOW with a few hundred missing from my account. They said to ignore the Client Position keeping.

I might try that with my bank..."I know the statement said I haven't got any money, but I didn't believe it so I bought a new..."

What can be done. I have complained but not one of them seems to care. I think they must get their people from 'The Really Useless Staffing Agency'.

Unfortunately I don't think there is much of an alternative at the moment ...


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Twice this week it has happened shortly after the US markets opened and are at their most volatile.

I'm a day trader and it's really frustrating but the money is always returned and so I close my position immediately and then obtain an email from them to confirm, after I've called them.

I think they have a genuine problem to say the least and I think a hacker has maybe planted a 'time bomb' or they have a virus.

Hopefully I have another 5000 trading days left of my life and so take the day off to study or maybe paper trade.

But I'd like to know if there is another alternative that's as cheap and tax free. As the saying goes, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" and get a backup account with another broker. :cool:


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as has been mentioned here before a new SB is opening on they appear to have quite tight prices and from comments already made here are making a good impression on people who have contacted them.

But they are not live yet so the proof of the pudding will be when...... etc

might be worth a look as its always usefull to have a back up account.


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Baz79 said:
Hey everyone

I can't believe what happened earlier on. My account with Deal4free has dropped from 800-odd quid down to £6.81, and I didn't even have a bet open!!!

What is going on here?! Anyone else had this problem?

I phone Deal4free and they said it was a 'software problem' (after having tried about four times and having them hang up on me). Naturally I was worried that they had gone bust and were shifting the money over to Tel Aviv or something...Apparently not...But I still haven't got the money back in my account yet.

They've admitted that the amount I specified should be in there, but the action hasn't been completed yet. Dodgy or what? I didn't go furious with them, but that is highly irregular. I'm surprised nobody else has posted about this today...


Have deal4free resolved the problem or do they still owe the £800.



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I think D4F are good guys

A couple of years ago they put 8K in my account and left it there 6 months before taking it back

And I played with it ....;-)



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Hi Martin

I've been lurking and learning quietly in the background finished building now and moving to a thached cottage in a local village. And back to trading....yippee.

Enjoy all your posts and T2W is great mate



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Hi Baz79

I am having problems with them at the moment. All day yesterday my trading platform was reading differnet figs to theirs. then last night a £50 short bet was opened, not by me. I do not known how this happened as I had no margin. Trying to sort at the moment but I am uanble to open any new positions, got no margin . I am begining to lose faith in them however I do not know if their are any real alternative for Spread betting.

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