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The alerts are terrible.

Sometimes they work sometimes they don't! They are not to be relied upon!

When I have asked why they are not working, the usual ineffective customer service response is to be fobbed off with "it's being worked on" or "it will be back up soon but we don't know when"

It's really very poor and personally I suspect their alerts system "stops working" intermitently as it will help them make more money as customers are unable to react to price levels being hit as they planned. :devilish: :devilish: :!:


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Thanks, darrenf, for your comments. I appreciate your reply and advice. I'm particularly interested in alerts for the major UK and overseas indices. Any thoughts on who else might be relied upon for such a service? I've tried ADVFN but they seem limited in their overseas coverage.


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I use cap spreads and cant fault them re customer service or closing positions, for my modest trade size. I have been looking into cmc for their comprehensive charting, and liked the idea of alerts, however going off what people have said it appears they may not be quite what they seem. I suppose if 50 punters have alerts set at the breakout of a particular move then I suppose its 50 punters giving advanced warning of a propsed position! I have been looking on shareware sites for some time,for some form of software to take a signal from a particular screen coordinate and set an alert of this, but have had no success. Anybody know how to do this/software or is it pie in the sky



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Has anyone who has held an account with D4F/CMC had to end the association and choose a new broker as a result of shenanighans on their behalf, in terms of making it difficult or impossible to trade profitably? If so, what happened?


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deal4free cfd

I am considering opening an account with deal4free, to trade cfd only, i am new to this and would appreciate advice on their service,(i have had problems getting money returned with etrade), and any pitfalls to avoid. I will only be trading FTSE 100 stocks to begin with, their spread on demo often seems to be 0.5 is this true in reality? Any comments, help appreciated.


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There spreads are competitive, however they re quote all too often. Trading large sizes with cmc is very difficult. I suggest you go for direct access, you may pay a little extra in commissions but you will always get market price.


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Go to the bottom of this page and look at some of the threads you will get the info there.




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I like SB for long term positions. Use IG Index mostly : largeish stakes. No problems...


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Could someone point to a website where I can find information on how CFD works as a trading instrument?

Thanks in advance.



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I tried dealing 4 times today in Ftse 250 stocks with Deal4Fleecing and the price was moved on each occasion, in one trade as much as five points. The deal size was £10. Their advertising is all about no commission being charged. They don't need to!


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CMC do say that their platform is not designed for intra-day scalping, but is suited to longer term trades.
I use CMC as they are usually reliable, usually offer market prices and the commission is 0. Although I would like to move on to direct access trading and get away from any lingering doubts about CMC, I am concerned that if I did progress to direct access trading, I would struggle to cover the commissions.
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