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I'm thinking about opening a direct access daytrading account to try my hand at equities.
I never thought I'd be able to do this due to the PDT rule, but I've saved up a few quid this year due to making money spreadbetting forex aswell as holding down a crappy/minimum wage '9-5' job.

I'll be trading very small postitions and it's gonna be for a bit of fun as i've always wanted to try it.
However, due to my small stakes, I want to keep my overheads as low as possible.

I am thinking Interactive Brokers.
The platform (TWS) looks horribly complicated, but I hear good things overall.

How much does data cost? Some people tell me that it is all free? Others say there is a monthly fee?

Is the account opening process relatively painless?

Also, could I used that feed to be able to view charts of my various stocks into my DEMO ninjatrader account? (I dont intend to pay for the live account, but I want to see my chart setups which I have programmed into ninja)

That's all my questions for now.


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You should check out the site, it lists the data fees and the commission. Forex data is free, there's a bundle for $10 a month which contains some non-forex common instruments. There are all kinds of fees depending on what you want. Some of them can be waived if you're generating enough commissions per month.

Also the TWS is horrible. You might want a front end for it (ninjatrader etc.).

EDIT:- Sorry didn't read one part properly, and see that you don't want ninja. Yes I think you should be able to stream into your ninja Demo account.
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