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Hi , I am looking for a good book or course for some day trading strategy, most material that i have found so far are not helpful .
can you please suggest any good material for day trading strategy.
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Hi, I think we can find plenty of books and articles on Google and also watching youtube videos help us to learn day trading strategy.


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Hi , I am looking for a good book or course for some day trading strategy, most material that i have found so far are not helpful .
can you please suggest any good material for day trading strategy.
I don't like to give advise about trading, and I am not going to tell you about any strategy.

Also I know it is an old post, however maybe my words are still valuable for you (or anyone else). There are tons of free and paid information in Internet, books, etc...Also, there are many ways, techniques and strategies to trade the markets. I don't think the strategy "per se" is the most important thing but the way of getting there.

I'd suggest you research to find the basic information, then you decide what kind of trading you are more comfortable with, and what time frame/s you can/want to trade according to your daily schedule, personal life and personality.

From there on, you should study the possible strategies...and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you'll read EVER about trading...

You CAN NOT expect to find any packaged strategy that is going to make your trading profitable.

YES, that's right, and if someone says otherwise he/she is laying (with or without purpose).
NOBODY, I mean it...NOBODY can teach you to be a good trader. You can learn the basics, and then you have to develop your own personal strategy mixing the basics (which everybody can easily learn, as I said there are tons of information everywhere) and your personal experience.

There are millions of traders using the same techniques, however only a few of them are profitable, why is that?
The personal touch, the tweaks, and the experience added to the learned techniques and strategies and these are things that no one can teach you. This is a personal and not transferable wisdom, and so this is the most difficult part to learn, which you have to walk by yourself.

In addition to that, there are VITAL things that you have to pay attention too, that most people know, most people ignore eventually and because MOST people crash their accounts too...MONEY management and RISK control.
No matter what your strategies or techniques are, these two VITAL things have to accompany you all the way. These have to be your lights showing your way FOREVER and EVER. Otherwise your chances to be a long term profitable trader are ZERO.

PS: I've been trading for years, and I have heard most of this advices many times, but people (me) always try to find the shortcut...until you awake and realize that the old formula of "doing the things rightly" still is valid and works. We are living the times where everything has to go fast and easy, but some things (usually good things) only happen with knowledge, effort and time (trust and patience help a lot too). Every time that you make a trade and you don't feel well with yourself is probably because you enter the market just because you had an "itch" not because you had a real opportunity based on your strategy and knowledge. I wasted several years until I learned all this, and I am still learning, however nowadays I am confident that I am doing good because I feel good. Good luck!


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Scalping is one of the best day-trading strategies for confident traders who can make quick decisions and act on them without dwelling. Adherents to the scalping strategy have enough discipline to sell immediately if they witness a price decline, thus minimizing losses.
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