Day trading question.


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Hello, I'm new to this forum and I just have a quick question about day trading/pattern day trading. Now, I don't exactly have 25k on me at the moment, and I know there is a limit to the amount of times someone can trade within 5 days. So my question is, let's say I trade 3 times in 5 days, (or 4 if i'm allowed that many without penalty, not sure on that either if someone could clear that up for me) if I wait 1 day and trade nothing after the 5 days, does that count as a reset towards the amount of trades I can make, can I do another 3-4 trades after that one day? Do weekends count as "days without trading"? If anyone could clear this up for me and help me out I'd be very appreciative, also if theres any extra info anyone would like to shed light on for me, that's even more appreciation towards you. Thanks very much in advance. :)
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