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A look at the key features to be considered when day-trading forex.
Until recent years, the opportunity to put on a trade was governed by the cycle of day and night. But a unique characteristic of Forex trading is its round the clock sequence of trading. Starting Sunday when the sun rises in Asia, until Friday late afternoon, when the New York markets close, Forex trading is available. So the question arises, what is a Day trade in Forex, if technically Forex is a continuous week of trading? To answer that question we do not need to delve into the nature of human circadian biorhythms. One has to be arbitrary. We can effectively define a Forex day trade as a trade that is completed during the waking hours of a trader. A day trade might also be considered a trade initiated and completed within the trading hours of either the Asian, European, or United States equity markets. One more criteria for calibrating when your Forex Day trading starts can be when you grab that first cup of...

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About the bounce trade exaple: wouldn't you consider it riskier to go long on the bounces off of the channel-bottom, than going short on the bounces off of the upper trend-line, when the longer trend (as in the example) is bearish ?
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