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Some of you have recently got books on US day trading- any recomendations?


I have something that might interest you. Obviously American written. Quite good. Happy to lend it to you if you mail me your address. I can't tell you the name now as I'm not at home at present.
I'm at [email protected]

Do not forget Charty's articles!!

Only joking!

I have only recently started to read books on technical analysis, and I can say I really enjoyed it.

I would recommend ANYTHING from Murphy, and Nison's books on candlesticks.

I would DEFINITIVELY recommend reading them!

The above does not represent financial advice.
Hiya Martin,

Well I've recently read a few day trading books, and was only today looking through a whole load at a few bookstores.

Out of the three I've read.. I'd say How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading ~ David S. Nassar was the best introduction to US electronic day trading and at £18.99 from Aamzon it won't break the bank.

The books I've looked at today which I would like to purchase include Day Trade Online - Christopher A Farrell recommended to me as a good introduction by Dayraider of trade2win.
More in depth books, would be Trade for a Living ~ Alexander Elder considered by some to be one of the bible's of day trading. Also like the look of New Thinking in Technical Analysis: Trading Models from the Masters ~ Rick Bensignor(Editor) not strictly day trading, but I think a very interesting book about TA - well worth a read. And I liked the look of <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>The Day Trader's Guide to Technical Analysis -
Clive Lewis</A> and also Strategies for the On-line Day Trader - Fernando Gonzalez, William Rhee which talked more in depth about strategies for day trading, intepreting level2 and time/sale book.. as well as TA.

So from that little lot take your pick. BTW Borders book stores on Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road have a massive selection of Investor books, including all the above. It's like being a big kid in a candy store! And they have comfy chairs too.. if only I could afford them all!

Hope this helps Martin.



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The book I have, and you are welcome to it, is Day Trade Online by Christopher Farrell.

If you followed his advice, you wouldn't be buying the same as Mr Daytrader in the Sunday Times. Diametrically opposite. Some share.. pretty big, pretty placid.
Hi Cigar,

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I'd definately like to take you up on your offer, it will save me a few pounds. In fact it just so happens I was thinking along the same lines only recently. Why not build some sort of book exchange part of the site, were we can all swap books we no longer read, or lend the ones we do for a few weeks at a time.

What does everyone think of this suggestion?


Hi Pigsy,

You can count me in..I think that's a good idea...