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Stock Markets – Closing Note - 26 Nov
Ger30, UK100 and SP500 are CFD’s, written over the Dax30, Footsie100 and S&P500 Index futures:

European indexes closed with valuations above 1%. The deal reached over the weekend for Brexit, the latest news from Italy and the rise in crude oil were the main catalysts of this rise. The understanding reached between the European Union and the UK over the weekend softened the nervousness among investors. British stocks and pound sterling traded higher. However, on the horizon lies the challenge that Prime Minister Theresa May will face: to bring together an internal consensus capable of securing Parliament's approval of the agreement drawn up over the weekend. The Italian market was the best performer of the day. To galvanize the transalpine investors and to reflect their European peers was the news reported by the local press. According to this source, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who has led the tough wing of the Government in its relationship with Brussels, has opened the possibility of the 2019 Budget to undergo some tinkering in order to reassure international investors. The increase in crude oil led to the appreciation of its sector as well as that of the miner, with which it has a high correlation. At the macroeconomic level, the IFO index, which measures the sentiment of German entrepreneurs, fell from 102.6 in November to 102.0, a level also below the forecast of 102.3.

US markets were trading higher, with volumes recovering after the festive period late last week. The catalyst for the climb was the first numbers of the shopping season (or holiday season) and its positive effects in the technological sector as well as the recovery of crude. Although definitive figures are not yet available, on Black Friday, online purchases amounted to 6200 M.USD, which represents a 24% increase over the same day of 2017.