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Dear everyone

Sorry in advance for the generic message
My reason for writing to you today is quite simple really, I'm gathering data for a very large data crunch.

All to better understand the entirety of the financial system.

I'm here, just like I'm everywhere to ask you all for the possibility that you would answer a small set of questions listed below. I'm going to use the data to look at relations between

-new comers to the fields(newbies) and the ones currently working(pros)
-Quants, reseachers and brokers
-Advocations for a good and bad financial future
-People who work with trading and people who work with technical stuff
-Private companies vs Government offices

In case you have any inquiries or just simply want to chat a bit with me in private my email is [email protected]

I have made a survey with link below

On the 1st of May I called and emailed more than 40 banks/investment firms/hedge funds/investment research companies and government offices, some in UK, some in US and some in my homecountry Denmark. I still have a large amount to go and those will slowly be receiving phone calls and/or emails.

On 1st of May I also started gathering information from the quants related forums Wilmott ( and QuantNET ( and Strategyquant ( )

On 2nd of May I will be posting through the broker communities and the Researcher communities
TheLion, I have apparently been blocked from entering
Stockrants have yet to let my post go through

and a larger range of FB groups currently
Proinvestors aktiesnak(danish)
Aktieporteføljen Investment opportunities (danish)
Stock market investment UK
Singapore stocks investment and trading

Best Regards Mark Brezina
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