Daily weekly Dow Trading system

Apr 3, 2017
Using a weekly or daily put option as a protection for a long trade .There is the cost of the options to be deducted from profits , but this cost gives the holding power to hold on to your trade , for almost a week or month.

Before opening trade read context to see support /resistance ,if context is good buy near support and close end of day.Dow , Nasdaq and S and P must be positive for longs.

As an example
weekly dow put long cost 34 strike 21100
long cash dow 21120

I did a similar trade on friday long 21150 ,long 21130 put for 16 = net cost 21166
Exit 21200 , profit 34


I start with a daily option trade , after 2 losses I move to weekly options , therefore recovering all previous losses .

No closing half position , just run your profits.Close losing trades at end of day .

After 4 consecutive losses I increase my stake to double , same after 8 losses and 12 losses
Practise on demo first , this hp system



Apr 3, 2017
example 21186 long daily 21160 put for 13

39 risk