D4F max trade size


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Hi All,

What is max trading size for SP500 index CFD?
Can I trading SPX500 or DOW index -$1000 point
using D4Free?
Thank you
Would you not be better to use DAT (direct access trading) if you are trading these amount. Although I imagine you could trade $1000 a point.
I think CFD's work differently from Spreadbetting. You tend to need a lot more money to trade these and according to IG the average bet/trade is £10,000 - £20,000. That on a 5% margin is £200,000 to £400,000 worth of shares. Which for someone like vodaphone would buy you more the £1,000 a point. Never traded these, so I could be completely wrong. Best bet is just to phone them up and ask them. Not sure how it works with indices.
On there website it says this.

What is the minimum and maximum trade size I can transact with CMC?

The minimum trade size is one whole Share and there is no maximum trade size. The maximum position allowed will be subject to margin requirements.
Oh and don't forget if you trade more than £10 per point or equivalent on the DOW you may have to trade via telephone...